About TTT


Established in 2002, โรงเรียนสอนภาษาไทยทีทีที ภูเก็ต (TTT Language School Phuket) is licensed by the Ministry of Education to offer Thai Cultural Orientation to foreigners through Thai Language Program and other Language Programs.  With this project by the Ministry of Education, foreign nationals who enroll in any of our programs can be granted 1 year ED VISA thus avoiding the hassle of visa runs.

Our school is the standard of excellence in Phuket, thanks to the man who started it all, Mr David.  The late Mr. David handled TTT Language School Programs for almost 16 years thus making him a household name and icon among his students from all over the world.  With his demise last February 2018, TTT is now under the leadership of young, dynamic and competent professionals who will ensure that TTT Language School remains competitive and the preferred Language School in Phuket.

We assure the community that as TTT is now handled by new management, more exciting years will be ahead of us – years of competent service and dedication to our Vision to be the largest and most respected Language School in Phuket, and if God willing, in Thailand.


To be Phuket’s largest and most respected Language School and one of the most preferred Language Schools in Thailand.


To provide highly relevant courses that meet the demand of the global community and produce competitive individuals who will fulfill their personal missions in life to become more relevant members of the society.


To accomplish our Vision and Mission, we will, as a team:

  1. provide relevant products and services that consistently meet the demand of the community;
  2. create an environment that ensures a competent work force capable of meeting the demands of our students, government institutions and all that we deal with;
  3. demonstrate leadership in the academic community by pioneering research, instruction and curriculum development;
  4. establish strong institutional linkage and network in the academic community;
  5. provide effective and efficient standards with sustained attention to cost efficacy in order to provide the best option in the market.


  1. Are you a licensed school? Answer – Yes.  We are licensed by the Ministry of Education of Thailand.
  2. What courses do you offer?  Answer.  We offer 120 hours TEFEL/TESOL Program which is internationally recognized and the following Language Programs:  Thai, English, French, Russian, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  3. Who can enroll? Answer – Anyone who is 16 years old and above can enroll in any of our courses.
  4. Can any nationality enroll? Answer – Yes. Any nationality can enroll in any of our courses.
  5. How can I enroll if I am in Thailand? Answer – Visit us and we will be happy to assist you with all the documents needed for your study.
  6. How long will I wait before my documents are ready so I can apply for a visa?  Answer – Document processing time at the Ministry of Education is normally 2 weeks.
  7. Where will I apply for an ED VISA? Answer – ED VISA is issued at any Thai Embassy or Consulate outside Thailand except for some nationalities where they are required to obtain their ED VISA at the Thai Embassy in their home country. Most often than not, our students would go to Malaysia, Singapore, Laos and Cambodia for their ED VISA.
  8. Which nationalities need to obtain their ED VISA at the Thai Embassy in their own country? Answer – Indians, Chinese, Sri Lankans, Bangladeshi, Nigerians, Iranians and most middle Eastern Nationals need to acquire their ED VISA at the Thai Embassy in their own country.
  9. Can I enroll even if I am NOT in Thailand? Answer – Yes.  We will prepare all the documents and send you so you the original copies so you can apply for ED VISA in your home country.
  10. How long is the ED VISA?  Answer – ED VISA is 3 months and can be renewed at Phuket Immigration every after 3 months for 3 times.. So total of 12 months or 1 year.
  11. How much is ED VISA fee? Answer – ED VISA fee depends on which country you apply.  It costs between 70-120USD.
  12. How much is the fee if I renew my ED VISA at Phuket Immigration?  Answer – Renewal fee is 5000 Baht but you have to go back to the School because there are documents that need to be submitted to the Immigration Office.
  13. If I have Visa on Arrival or Tourist Visa, can I enroll to get an ED VISA? Answer – Yes.  You can change your visa to ED VISA but you must enroll not later than 2 weeks before your visa expires.
  14. How much does Language Course cost? Answer.  Our Language Course ranges from 15,000 Baht to 36,000 Baht per Program.  This fee is for training and visa documentation.
  15. At the end of 12 months, can I get another ED VISA? Answer – You can enroll another Language Program and we go back to step 1 to process documents for your ED VISA.
  16. Can I just enroll and pay without attending classes? Answer – Absolutely no.  You have to finish the training hours required per program.  The Thai government randomly checks foreign students enrolled in Language Programs if in deed they are learning or not.
  17. What’s the schedule of classes? Answer – We have classes everyday, Mondays to Sundays from 9AM to 6PM.
  18. How big is the class size? Answer – Our classes are conducted on small groups from 2 to 5 individuals per program.
  19. Who are your teachers?  Answers – Our teachers are individuals who have expertise on each program. We only employ seasoned teachers who have love and devotion to the study of language.
  20. What are the requirements to be submitted upon enrollment? Answer – Your original passport and photo copy of the bio page and latest arrival stamp, house contract, 24 different photos of you in your Thai house, 3 pcs ID picture, duly filled-up Enrollment Form and payment of tuition fee.